Prof. Yamine Ait Ameur

The “Handling data and programs. Specification and design” lectures relate to system engineering. More precisely, these lectures show to the attendees that data and programs, representing both static and behavioural system descriptions can be captured through data models, at different abstraction levels and for different engineering domain (structure, computing, propulsion, etc.). Moreover, it shows that a single and unified modelling language can handle such descriptions, reducing heterogeneity.

After these lectures, using the introduced modelling language, the attendee becomes capable to describe any system (either from a static or behavioural point of view), at different abstract levels, and in different engineering domains. By abstraction level, we mean levels where different concepts are captured into the designed models. Obviously, the definition of such models may follow a development model (e.g. V model) to organise these models.

Finally, my feeling is that one of the most interesting part of these lectures is the teamwork, related to the space domain with relevant case studies, collectively performed by the attendees and the lecturer at the end of the course. This activity leads to interesting discussions and exchanges between the whole promotion and the lecturer.

Prof. Yamine Ait Ameur Full Professor at INPT Toulouse (France)