Stefano Borreca - II EDITION

"... The launch pad of my professional career!"

Stefano Borreca - II EDITION
Research & Development Program Manager
Alstom Power


"I attended the Master in Satellite Systems and Services during the academic year 2003-2004, immediately after my graduation in Aerospace Engineering. The course represented an ideal transition from the academic to the industrial environment, putting my classmates and me in direct contact with the key players of the international space business. I can clearly recall a lecture series taught by Antonio Rodotà, the former Director General of the European Space Agency. I could also learn much from the daily interactions with my classmates, who were engineers, scientists and Air Force professionals. I had the unique opportunity to do my 6-month internship at European Space Agency Research and Technology Centre (ESA-ESTEC) in the Netherland, where I could carry out my final project on the analysis of the thermal protection system of a re-entry capsule, in close cooperation with the ESA technical experts. This activity led me to the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA), where I worked for three years as Aerospace Research Engineer. In this role I kept working on European projects coordinated by the ESA and I could take advantage of the professional network created during my internship. The ability to work in an international business environment, which I learned during that experience, was essential when I later decided to join a large multinational company. Hence that year was certainly the launch pad of my professional career !"