The secretariat of the master provides total assistance to foreign students to carry out all the bureaucratic activities to present the application for admission.

Admission Requirements

Below is specified the procedure to be observed in order to be admitted.

Graduation in one of the classes listed on the admission call (page 4)
Admission Test
Admission to the Master occurs after evaluation of a university degree, designed to verify the validity of the license with respect to the level of the Master and his belonging to one of the classes listed in Article 4 of the admission call. In addition to the assessment of qualifications, there is a test for admission to the Master that consist of an interview, which will also take place by the means of distance communication (eg. Via Skype), and that will aim to assess the motivation of candidate, their technical base (not necessarily on the issues space engineering) and the level of knowledge of English. The admission test assesses the ability, motivation and potential candidates.
English Language
A good knowledge of English is essential. Certificates TOEFL / IELTS or GMAT / GRE (not required), can be sent along with the documentation required for the application form.
Participants will be admitted to the program MASTER IN SATELLITE AND orbiting platforms based on the results of the entrance exam, the votes academic, knowledge of English and personal motivation.


Admmission Process

Below is specified the procedure to be observed in order to be admitted.

The application form and accompanying documentation have to be sent no later than January 17
Enter the Documentation
The application form, written on plain paper using the form attached to this admission call (Appendix 1), have to be signed by the candidate and accompanied by the annexes prescribed in paragraph 6.3 of the admission call. The application form have to arrive, by registered A / R or hand delivery, no later than January 17 to the following address:
Master Director Prof. Paolo Gaudenzi at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - University of Rome La Sapienza Via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma.
The hand delivery of the application can take place in the following days and times:
Secretary's office of the Master - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - University of Rome La Sapienza Address Via Eudossiana, 18-00184 Rome
Day from Mon. to Fri. Opening hours 8:30am - 05:00pm.
The candidate prepares the application for admission in simple paper using Annex 1 to this notice and signs it. At the application for admission must be enclosed, subject to exclusion from the competition:
  • Copy of a valid, duly signed and legible identity card (Identity Card - Auto-Passport Certificate);
  • Copy of the Tax Code;
  • Copy of the receipt of the fee for the entrance test (see point 2);
  • Self-certification (according to D.P.R. 445/2000) of the undergraduate or undergraduate qualification (Annex 2);
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Declaration of consent for the processing of personal data (Annex 3);
  • Copy of the Diploma Supplement (for titles obtained in European countries) or photocopy of the Declaration of Value (for titles obtained abroad);
  • Self-certification (in accordance with D.P. 445/2000) of any other title/achievement that can be evaluated for the purpose of the credit score.
Applications with incomplete documentation will not be accepted.
Registration Information System "Infostud"
All those who submit their applications for participation in the Master must first register at the information system of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and follow the instructions.
After the registration, the system will issue a registration number that must be entered in the application for admission to the Master.
If the candidate was a former student of "La Sapienza" will not have to register again, because you already have a student number, it have to still report on the application form.
Tax Test Access
The applicant is required to pay the admission test fee of € 51.00 (€ 35.00 of university fee + € 16.00 of stamp duty paid virtually, to be paid online on the institutional web page or at any branch of the UniCredit - Banca Group not later than the expiry date. To make a payment, you must use only the custom form to be printed through the Infostud 2.0 system: access the page with a serial number and the password, and select in the order: MASTER - ACCESS TO COURSES - enter the code of the course: 04631 - NEXT - PRESS. After printing the form from Infostud, payment must be made at Unicredit, cashier institution of the University, according to one of the methods shown at
For all other information please see the Competition Notice or contact us.